Monday, December 15, 2008

Breaking News: Hatshepsut's Mummy Found!! ♥

Until a couple years ago, Hatshepsut's mummy had yet to be identified. But in 2007, Dr. Zahi Hawass identified it. This was excellent!
It had first been uncovered in 1903 where she was buried, the Valley of the Kings. (Which is near Luxor, Egypt.) But they had found three mummies there, and they weren't sure which was hers for over 100 years!

They identified it by matching up a molar and a jaw. (There had been a gap missing in the jaw and the molar found fit perfectly!!) After much testing, they concluded that she died at around fifty or so and from a ruptured abscess caused by removal of a tooth!! What do you know? Now you can use that excuse the next time someone says "It won't kill you to go to the dentist!"!! Just fire back with a "Yeah, you could! Just look at Hatshepsut! She died because they removed her tooth!". (Just make sure to not mention that they didn't have the greatest technology back then!!) It may not get you out of your appointment, but you'll still seem pretty darn smart!!


  1. That is so weird that her mummy wasn't identified until just like a litte more than a year ago!

  2. Wow, so they just found a random tooth lying around and thought, hmm, maybe if I stick this into her mouth, I can identify the mummy? Wierd. Also wierd-it took that long to identify her.

  3. Well they found the tooth in her tomb.