Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hatshepsut's Remarkable Birth --- By the Gods!! ♥

Yeah, you probably want to know about Hatshepsut's birth and childhood, right?? Well, to be honest she had a pretty interesting 'mythical' birth. Here's the story everyone believed...

One day, the gods were talking about Egypt and pharaohs. They got deep into the conversation when one of them suggested the possibility of a female pharaoh in Egypt. After much discussion they decided it was a good idea. So they put her inside the wife of the current pharaoh (that was Tuthmosis I) while she was sleeping. When she was born her parents named her Hatshepsut because it means 'part of the best'.

Her childhood though, was much less glamorous and glorious than her mythical birth. Her father was pharaoh, so he was a 'warrior king'. Because of this, he would be away for seven to eight months at a time! Hatshepsut would miss him while he was away. I would do the same too, if my father wasn't there most of the time. I would probably be very lonely, as I'm sure Hatshepsut was.


  1. That's strange that her father was the warrior king since Hatshepsut seemed all about peace. That's a cool thing to have though because I was just expecting the generic, she did this, she was famous for this, her favorite food was this...