Thursday, December 11, 2008

Post #2 --- What exactly is this?? ♥ just happens to be a BLOG! Duhhhhh! Well I guess you've probably already figured that out. Oh and if this is the first thing you read, I might want to clue you in on the fact that this is a blog about Hatshepsut. You know, the first female pharoah of Ancient Egypt?? (The picture to the right is of her - well at least a statue.) She ruled in a different way - she wasn't very focused on war. I totally agree that peace is the way to go, but anyway... I'm going to add five more posts that have actually useful information on them so YOU can be informed on Hatshepsut!! She was a very cool lady.'ll see. (Ohhh, and thanks sooo much to all of the books listed under the "Book Resources" list & the websites under the "Online Resources" list!! Super kudos to them!! And super kudos to you too for reading!!) Enjoy learning tons of cool info about Hatshepsut!! ♥

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  1. wow. this info. is soo informitive. very nice