Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Woman Pharaoh! Say What?! ♥

Sooooo... how exactly did Hatshepsut become pharaoh? Well that's a goooood question!! It's actually kind of complicated and strange if you think about it. You see, her dad, Tuthmosis I died, so then Hatshepsut's husband, (who just happened to have the same name!), Tuthmosis II, took reign. Meanwhile, Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis II had a child. (He was a boy, named - you'll never ever guess - Tuthmosis III.) Shortly after that though, Tuthmosis II (remember, that's her husband) died. Tuthmosis, being only the tender age of five at this time, was of course too young to rule. Soooo...Hatshepsut took reign!! She even put on a fake beard that is worn by all pharaohs and declared herself ruler of Egypt! She was pretty daring if you ask me...

Now since there are three Tuthmosises, I thought it might help you to have a little recap...Even my head is still spinning...

Character Recap:
Hatshepsut - Duh! First female pharaoh. Who is blog is about.
Tuthmosis I - Hatshepsut's father
Tuthmosis II - Hatshepsut's husband
Tuthmosis III - Hatshepsut's son


  1. there should have been way more women pharoes back then! they were awesome

  2. You are so good at puting detail and voice into your writing! I love that women in Egypt had power and were respected, as well as men.

  3. I like the recap, it does help to understand. So one question-was Tuthmosis II her brother or something?